Geoju (거주) is the Korean word for resident. Being a resident of Korea means having deeper ties to the country and different needs. Geoju seeks to create a greater sense of community both among fellow residents as well as the greater community in which we reside. The goal will be realized by sharing information and experiences.


Who are we? Our diverse group of members are long term residents of Korea engaged in various fields of employment and business. From investors, to teachers, to business owners, to stay at home parents, each member has unique experiences and perspectives to share. Our members come from several different countries and share the common bond of living in Korea as residents.


Why Join?

  • Free Access and Information. We will never ask for membership fees or donations
  • No Spam! your information is private and only used internally. It will never be sold or given to a third party.
  • Exclusive Community. Only holders of F-visas (F2, F4, F5, F6) in Korea have access to this website.
  • Free Expression. Got a gripe? We're here to listen. Need advice? We're here to help.
  • Ideas. Some of Korea's most successful expats are already members. Share and learn.
  • A Place for Your Spouse. A separate Korean language forum available for spouses of expats.


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